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Cleans your engine

Almost 3/4 of all engine faults are the result of a clogged engine!

If your car isn't running properly it could be due to carbon deposits clogging your engine

Difficulty starting, loss of power & increased fuel consumption are normal problems caused by a carbon-clogged engine.
Carbon clogging is a normal biproduct of the internal combustion operation of your engine and mostly caused by driving mostly short journeys. Carbon clogging can affect the cylinders, pistons, EGR valve*, DPF* and the turbo*. If clogged these parts will have a major effect on the efficient running of your engine. If the build up of carbon deposits are not removed regularly breakdowns will occur and costs will quickly add up.  A long drive (in excess of approximately 150-200 miles) can sometimes help to cure the problems, but the cost of fuel and additional wear & tear on your car can be quite expensive, especially if you weren't needing to do the journey. (*where fitted)

Approximate costs of parts replacement if carbon deposits are not cleaned regularly

(Costs are 'up to' and depend on vehicle make and model)


EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve



DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)





HY-Carbon-S uses an exclusive and patented solution that has proven itself in the industrial engines sector and now makes it available to the everyday motorist.
It uses a non-aggressive hydrogen solution which includes no corrosive chemicals and is injected via a carefully controlled dosage into your engine intake so the carbon cleaning is performed delicately.

Benefits of carbon deposit cleaning


Less black smoke and better emissions

Black smoke is caused by a combination of sooty build up in both the EGR and DPF primarily.
Having the carbon deposits cleaned will mean less black smoke and lower emissions from your exhaust.


Cleaned Turbo, DPF & EGR

Saving up to £2850 replacement cost


Cleaner fuel combustion in the cylinder

Cleaner inlet and outlet valves, pistons and cylinders mean the fuel is delivered and burnt efficiently in your engine 


Better fuel economy

All the above means your engine is running more efficiently, so you'll use less fuel per mile. 

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