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In-Car CCTV Installation

We are authorised installers for
'Safe Systems UK CCTV'

As per expected upcoming Colchester Borough Council PHV and Hackney licensing regulations, expected to be introduced in 2020/21

Colchester Borough Council PHV & Hackney Licensing soon to include installed CCTV as a requirement for licensing

PHV's (Private Hire Vehicles) and Hackney Carriages (Taxi) are regulated and licensed by Colchester Borough Council.
They are currently in the consultation stage and will soon mandatorily require all PHV's and Hackney Carriages to include a full closed-circuit video and audio recording system (CCTV).
This isn't your average dashcam system that you can buy from Halfords and stick to your windscreen to record what happens in front of you while you're driving along, but a fully integrated and locked system that includes internal monitoring via video and audio which is saved to a hard drive fitted within the vehicle to help protect drivers and passengers when incidents are reported and require investigation by the council.

88 Motors are proud to announce we have completed training by Safe Systems UK who are the Uk distributor of the approved systems already in use in other local authority areas to become authorised installers for Colchester and the surrounding areas.

Exact specifications and licensing requirements that will be specified by Colchester Borough Council are not yet known, so we currently do not recommend having systems installed until the consultation period has ended and the Council release details of specifications. This is expected to happen by the end of summer 2020 and we currently expect installation of CCTV systems to become mandatory for all new plated vehicles and re-plating of already registered vehicles.

What we currently expect may be required...

This is what we (think) we know so far.
(These specifications are subject to change, pending outcome of consultation.)


Secure HDD storage

Systems will be required to record video and audio for up to four channels up to one month to a locked and inaccessible hard drive installed within the vehicle. Data will be encrypted and unreadable without licensed decryption software which is only available for authorised data controllers working at Colchester Borough Council.


Internal facing camera with audio

The requirements are likely to include one internal facing camera and microphone that will record all vehicle occupants from just above the head down to just above the waste. Forward and/or rear facing cameras may/may not be required but may be added as optional.


Audio lock-out

Systems will likely have audio override if requested by passenger(s). This will allow passenger's conversations to remain private if requested, or if of a sensitive nature.
There may be two lock-out switches in both the front and rear so either driver or passenger can set that audio IS recorded, but BOTH must be set to STOP recording.


3G Remote Access

It is highly likely that CBC will require remote access to retrieve data from vehicles remotely via mobile communication.
The licensing authority will only be able to retrieve data for up to a month and via encrypted connection. The licensing authority will require a 'valid reason' under regulations set in the recent GDPR update.

Safe Systems CCTV HDD and base control unit

Control system and Hard Drive unit with on/off switch.

Safe Systems CCTV internal camera with monitor

Internal camera with microphone and audio lock-out switch and monitor.

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